Machining Capabilities

Micro Craft is a 100% employee owned company providing precision CNC machining services specifically designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry. We are ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100 certified, and registered with ITAR.



Fabrication is the culmination of intense preparation and innovation. Highly trained personnel — including skilled model makers, production and prototype machinists.. And because of our  hands-on approach, you will find our artisans and specialists carefully hand finishing and polishing your model.



To maintain this level of excellence, we invest regularly in new technology, new machines, improved software and quality people. We strive to continuously improve all aspects of our service.


Our CNC machining centers perform complex machining of intricate parts while holding a true position tolerance of ±001”. Length and diameter tolerances can be held to ±0005” and verified with precision CMM equipment. Machining capabilities include 5 axis, 4axis, and 3 axis contour profiling, pocketing, and drilling on parts up to 156” in length.





























Large and medium boring,  turning, and threading capability up to 50” diameter and 250” length.


We have several EDM and Wire EDM machines for complex, tight tolerance requirements, along with several other precision machines that support our prototype projects.



We are capable of working with a number of different materials including titanium, steel, stainless, steel, aluminum alloy, Inconel and other exotic materials.



Micro Craft  maintains partnerships with a number of qualified vendors to provide value added heat treating and finishing services, simplifying customers’ supply chains. We are dedicated to quality parts, on time delivery and provide complete material traceability reports. For more information about our precision CNC machining capability, see equipment list.


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